Newman Networks is the LLC that owns Calling All Female Entrepreneurs (C.A.F.E.) The thought process behind C.A.F.E. is a development of business with a solid foundation of Accounting, Marketing and Finance that is required in any business.  The current clientele of Newman Networks LLC includes:

1) PowerMatch  (Calling All Female Entrepreneurs Graduate)

2) NaturallyNeat Cleaning Services (Calling All Female Entrepreneurs Graduate)

3) Hair Du Jour Salon

4) Tyra S. Gardner Consulting LLC   (Calling All Female Entrepreneurs Graduate)

5) SAJ Publishing  (Calling All Female Entrepreneurs Graduate)

6) mAke the grAde

7) Positiv Media Bureau

8) Company Counsel

For our clients, we have 2 annual events (Spring and Fall) of each year to introduce their businesses to our newsletter and social media network of 11,000+. We market their businesses through the C.A.F.E. discount card and e-blast the services and events (Calls to Action) through our bi-monthly newsletter that has 11,000+ subscribers.

By working collectively, we can lower the costs of advertising to $400.00 per year ANNUALLY which is just over $1.00 per day. Our objective is to produce a 5 - 10 times ROI in sales per client.  Read our testimonials about services provided at

Call us at 215-995-1041 to decrease the costs of marketing for your business TODAY!

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